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Field of activity

DIMA imports and markets a wide range of fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables in all kinds of packaging; both for conventional resale and for further processing.

The images show a selection of our products and come from our suppliers. High-quality vegetables and fruits that meet our customers' expectations and delight the consumer's palate.

We source our products from different countries and regions; However, all our agricultural producers have one thing in common: impeccable quality and the best know-how. They are professionals in their field and have the latest equipment and the best technology.

Thanks to long-term and constant business relationships and partnerships with numerous producers on the one hand and our customers on the other hand, we can adapt quickly and effectively to the current needs of the market. Our products are sold through various sales channels and we achieve optimal market coverage throughout Switzerland. Our customers appreciate our optimally provided products because they save a lot of money and time.

All our products, both organic and conventional, meet the highest standards and quality certificates of the food market: Globalgap, Eurepgap, Bio Suisse.